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Winter Enchantment

It is that time of the year again when the weather begins to turn and we seek warmer, cosier spaces to cuddle up in. These spaces are to evoke a sense of discovery and exploration. Although we predominantly become home bound during this cooler, wetter period we still look for similar comforts when we do venture outside of our sanctuaries. We seek to find places that are our homes away from home so a restaurant with a throw over the back of your seat or a wine estate with roaring fire and a great red wine. We emulate our home behaviour with our social behaviour.

Our sense to discover is exemplified by cosy textiles that tantalise our fingers to touch and feel. These textiles can be introduced through thick woven throws laid over the arm of a sofa or rolled in a basket. This creates not only a visual impact of warmth but also a practical one. There is also a pull towards natural textures of timber accents and large rugs to provide comfort under foot on those cold winter days. Timber is the most effective solution for creating a sense of warmth to any room. This touch of natural elements adds intrigue and depth to the space. Often just by changing your accessories you can completely transform your room and make it into the winter wonderland you crave to nestle into. Therefore look to your soft accessories such as scatter cushions, throws, candle arrangements and the decorative pieces of the room to add texture and depth that is urban with a touch of earthy tones.

Photo Credits: 1. Hertex Tsarina Fabric Collection,, 2. Moo Wool,, 3. Illusion Rug, Planet Collection, 2m x 2.9m,, 4. Haus Furniture,, 5. Slimline Built in Bioethanol Fireplace,

I think everyone dreams of a large rumbling fire place to congregate around with a glass of your favourite red wine and a chocolate or two. Not only the heat emitted from the fire but the tonal depth of the flame adds a special ambiance to the room. If you don’t have a built-in fire place there are many free standing bio fires which can provide a stylish and economic alternative. A beautiful arrangement of chunky candles can add an interesting light source to any room. Another means to reflect and play with ambient light is to introduce metallic or mirrored surfaces. The best way to achieve this is by looking a large circular mirror or a polished stainless steel coffee table, which would suite the overall style of the space as well as refract light from many different sources.

Photo Credits: 1. Rocal Graffiti LD&TC closed Combustion Fireplace Insert, 2. Cocoon Pedestal Bioethanol Fireplace, 3. Cocoon Aeris Bioethanol Fireplace,, 4. Cone Suspended Wood Burning Fireplace,

The colours of the season are mellow, warm earthy tones denoted by various shades of grey and deep blue. Think frosted windows, the deep grey of charcoal and exposed tree branches offset by a dark blue sky. This colour pallet is inspired by nature which can be seen in prominent furniture pieces as well as soft furnishings and accessories. It is a sophisticated pallet that works well with the warm wooden accents and glow of the fire.

It can therefore be said that we seek texture, warmth and jewel rich colours in the cold winter months, be it at home in our own personalised space, or out and about. There are certain luxuries we subconsciously do not want to be without.


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