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Home Staging

If you are selling you home, one of many things you need to start planning is home staging. Making your home look its best so that potential home buyers will walk in an envision their new lives there. There are some easy ways to do this and if you find this task daunting or over whelming, we are here to assist you!

Say Goodbye to Clutter

One of the most important things that you can do to ready your home for sale is to get rid of all the clutter. Select some of your favourite decorative pieces and beautiful display books and pack the rest away. By whittling down on unnecessary furniture items and bits and bobs you not only make you home look a lot bigger but also neat. This has an important impact on the potential buyers.

Rearrange the Furniture

By repositioning your sofas and chairs into groups that are cosy and allow for clearly define traffic routes within a room make the space functional and open wall space. Also think about your furniture items at hand, just because you bought that arm chair for the lounge does not mean that it wont compliment another room. Remember we are dressing specific areas to create an overall wow factor for potential buyers wondering through their future home.

Let There be Light

A lot of us continue to live on even when the light bulbs have blown. Replace them! Ensure that all lighting fixtures and fittings are in good working order and clean [bye fly poo]. It says, ‘I look after my home’ which creates a positive emotion for potential buyers. Add ambient lighting like bedside table lamps or reading nook floor standing lamps which will add an elevated sophistication to any room.

Make it Neutral

You know we love neutral, light, bright and fresh spaces. A neutral space will appeal to a wider market with out being gender specific. By painting your walls in a crisp neutral tone, you will also tone down any dated finishes and brighten the darkest space. A freshly painted room with revived fittings will make the space feel brand new. This is our top tip!

Coffee Table Love

By styling your coffee table with the right accessories you can make your home look more inviting. When planning this eye pleasing arrangement think of grouping accessories in threes and of varying heights. Think of the items in terms of colour, shape and texture. For that extra touch add some fresh flowers. Check out our coffee table blog post for some more in-depth styling tips and inspiration.

Spruce it Up

Look are built-in furniture that looks as though it has been through a battle field. If you can’t afford new cupboard doors for your kitchen and bedroom think about painting them and fixing all those dings and scuff marks. You can also add new handles to bring them into the current century. This will ensure that these expensive items look cared for and in working order. The purpose of this is to change the overall appeal which dramatically affects the space.

Finish Unfinished Projects

Enough said! No one looks forwards to the effort or additional expense of picking up where you left off. Make sure that you finish your unfinished projects.

Finally, a Good Old Spring Clean

Everything in your home should be spick and span. Ensure that you do a deep clean prior to the first show house. It speaks volumes about you and your home. By showing that you have loved and cared for this home means someone can envision doing the same here. The heart is where home is.

Let us know your top tip for making your home an inviting and appealing place that will make potential buyers sign on that bottom line!


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