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Setting 2018 Goals

The end of the year for most signifies a time of renewal, rejuvenation and closure. We look back at the year that has passed and assess its successes and failures and with whimsical determination plan to totally dominate the year to come. We tend to be a tad unrealistic in this approach of goal setting and impatiently wish the results would happen overnight. As with all good things that last, they take time, hard work, encouragement, belief and confidence. As an anal organisation freak I like to tick off lists and see progress no matter how big or small. In being able to see progress, you get to enjoy a great sense of achievement which powers you further to accomplish and strive for more. Having said this I have just sat down to review my 2017 goals and establish how I am going to take on 2018 and how I wish to grow both in my business and personal life.

I am going to share with you an incredible website named Mind Tools. I was going to do a summary of their goals setting approach but why as they have it waxed! They provide the perfect platform to learn about personal goal setting and how to achieve it. It is never too late to start setting your goals and ensuring that you are successful in achieving them. Here is to 2018 and may it be completely amazing!


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