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Ways to Maximize Storage in a Small Space

Storage! Storage! Storage! It is the one thing in every home that there just never seems to be enough off. This becomes even more important in smaller homes. Having moved into our new home where storage has almost halved, I got a serious bee in my bonnet to resolve this problem. I am an organisation freak and cannot stand 1. Storage that does not function and 2. A lack of storage. So, in my hunt for organisational bliss and a proper spring clean I thought I would share with you my findings for the top 3 spaces in your home where storage can be optimised.

Oh the kitchen and all of its pots, pans and groceries, but where to store it all? Look at your space and see where there is potential to optimize the different areas. I love draws instead of large cupboards of wasted space. Draws optimize every inch within the cupboard and by paying some attention to what you are going to put in them you can make them various heights. This may allow for another draw. If you have space behind a door why not utilize this by adding a narrow grocery cupboard, these are perfect for tinned and bottled food.

To further ensure that you have utilized your space to its full potential, cupboard and draw organizers are the best. They ensure that all your utensils, crockery and cutlery are organised and fit within a confined space.

The bedroom can end up being another unused opportunity to up your storage for linen, towels and that shoe obsession. Under bed storage is your solution! It is so simple and effective, you wont even know it is there.

The final one of my top space's where you can add additional storage is your bathroom The space underneath your designer sink should not be wasted. A double draw system with single draw face is your solution. The draw will be cut out around your plumbing so that the entire void is used. Another hidden gem is your wall mirror why not make a hidden box behind this to store your tooth brushes and facial products. If your bathroom is large enough you can add in a built-in cupboard for laundry and storage of toiletry supplies.

Enjoy your new found serenity in organisational bliss. Good bye clutter!


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