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Buy It, Sell It, Design It

Every home buyer and seller is in need of a property specialist with more than just industry knowledge but rather a well rounded service that includes home staging, interior design and home renovation. This is where our dynamic duo has established a niche in the market. Trait Interior Design and Décor and Ronak Spamer from Harcourts Southern Suburbs are now in partnership, dominating the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town with a special focus on not only buying, selling and evaluating homes but providing additional home staging, room refreshing, interior design as well as full remodeling services! This will not only assist in getting that sale but also help you develop your newly acquired house into your dream home.

This collaborative approach of Real Estate and Interior Design and Décor aims to guide you through the process from start to finish to create exactly what you have always envisioned. The chances are that when you are selling your home you will require some form of home staging or a room refresh to ensure that you appeal to a wider market. This could simply mean a fresh coat of paint or a change in floor finish, to a complete space remodel or overhaul. The end goal remains the same and that is to increase your property value and ensure you get that sale.

Looking to buy? Not only will we assist you in finding your home but our extensive background in renovations will help transform your vision into your dream home. We will work closely with you to produce a home that is functional and unique and that speaks to your style. Trait Interior Design and Décor provides a turnkey service from the interior architecture of a space, to custom designed and crafted furniture pieces or the sourcing of your specified finishing and decorative items.

Our services include:

Real Estate:

  • Home evaluations

  • Listings

  • Selling

Interior Design and Décor:

- Home Staging: Including the arrangement of your current furniture and décor, placement and

choosing of new furnishings.

- Room Refresh: Simple solutions that drastically change a room including new paint, floor

finishes, furniture and décor.

- Spatial Planning and Lighting Layout

- Bathroom Rejuvenation

- Kitchen Remodelling

- Custom Furniture Design

- Custom Built-in Cupboards

- Window Dressing

- Upholstery and Re-upholstery

- Flooring

- Painting and Wall Finishes

- Product Sourcing Council Submission and Approval

- Complete Installation and Project Co-ordination


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