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Scatter Cushion Styles

Either you love them or you hate them, but personally I think scatter cushions are a great way to introduce colour, texture and extra comfort to any room. Be it in a bedroom to offset the masculine bulk of a large headboard, to a display over a sofa that adds layering and interest to the room. You can get very creative with scatter cushions, from the style of scatter cushion itself, a variety of edging to choose from to the actual size and make-up of the inner. I would suggest using a combination to ensure you create the most complimentary arrangement.

I like to use both 60 x 60 cm a 50 x 50 cm with the larger one in a plain fabric and the smaller one in a patterned fabric. I then like the larger simpler scatter cushion to have a more detailed edge whilst the patterned one to have a simple edge of either a complimentary plain piping or no edging. The combination of the two is always a winner and adds essential layers to any space.

The style of the scatter cushion will ultimately be determined by the fabric chosen. Look at the texture, weave density, fabric composition and colour when choosing your fabric to ensure that you achieve your desired design theme. For example a sea side style would be complimented by the use of more natural weaves such as cotton and linen whilst a boutique luxury style would be introduced by heavy velvets and silk.

Once you have decided on your fabric you can then have a look at various types of edging. The edging you choose should again compliment the fabric and the chosen design style. Types of edgings include:

- Elham Selvedge Edge

- Piping Edge

- Oxford Boarder

- Chord Edge

- Tassels and Trims

The size and shape of your scatter cushions should be decided in accordance to its application. You would need to take into consideration the proportions of the bed or sofa for example. If you have a small arm chair you don’t want a big scatter cushion on this as it will not fit comfortably between the arms and will look overpowering and out of place. Long bolsters are great for large beds and add superior comfort. A combination of square scatter cushions, as I discussed in the article already, on a sofa helps to frame it and creates an inviting seat.


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