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Outdoor Summer Luxuries

We are heading into that time of the year again when we shake off the icicles, grab our picnic blankets and head off outside to enjoy the sun. The sun brings with it South African braai's, stylish patio living and outdoor dining. So in the true spirit of summer loving I thought a look into patio lounge designs, layouts and some awesome products available this season to ensure you make the most of your lazy sunny Sundays.

A patio should be a place of sanctuary and luxurious comfort where you can enjoy a sunny afternoon reading your book and sipping on something cool [My fav is a French 75 -] . I love big, comfy sofas adorned with accent scatter cushions. Neutral tones work best off set by natural timber which allows for a more harmonious space. Crisp white adds to a clean and fresh look and plants scattered here and there bring any space to life.

Introduce soft throws which can be used for late chilly evenings or to lounge out on on the grass. A draped throw is soft and elegant and can be used to add in additional texture and colour into the space.

Use a combination of textures in your furniture choices from traditional cane furniture with a large circular bamileke coffee table in timber with an occasional ceramic stool. The variety in finishes will create a dynamic and interesting space to tantalize your fingertips. We also love the use of outdoor rugs to define spaces and merge the line between indoor and outdoor living.

Find your inspiration this summer with Trait Interior Design and Décor – enjoy our patio envy look and feel boards.

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