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Our top tips in preparing your home to sell

When looking to sell your home it can be a daunting and emotional task, as this was your place where so many memories were created. Unfortunately the name of the game is not sold on your life but rather the vision of the potential buyers and their ability to see themselves creating new memories in the home. So we have devised a journey for the more sentimental, in hope to prepare not only yourselves but also your home for sale.

1. Capture it!

This may very well be your first home, where you had your first child or fur baby and where you enjoyed your first family Christmas. So yes it is going to be emotional to have to say good bye to the walls that housed so many memories. So capture it – as is! The way you love it most. This is for your memory bank and photo album which forms part of an important process of saying goodbye. This is for you and no one else.

2. Clean up

As you are going to be moving into a new home the time to start cleaning and getting rid of the old, worn and decrepit that you have clung to for so long, is here. Potential buyers can be easily put off by clutter, excessive dirt, that stain on the carpet and the mold on the bathroom ceiling. Clean it! Select a few of your beautiful items to decorate the space but in general clean away all clutter and put into storage any items that are not necessary. Google how to clean mould off your bathroom ceiling and do it []. If you are not up to a good scrub and vacuum hire in a professional service [].

3. It’s worth the effort

That favourite shade of lilac that you decided to cover your walls in is not going to speak to everyone. At this stage of the game it is no longer about your personal preferences any more it is about making a space the most appealing to the general market. The best way to do this is to keep it neutral! It is not the time for experimentation. Keep it light, clean and crisp. So get out that paint brush and roller and get busy. It will be money well spent. A fresh coat of neutral paint will ensure that the home comes across appealing to a wider market, is up kept so the potential buyer feels as though they are in good hands and that the home is generally loved. A home sale is an emotional journey so play on those heart strings. The potential client wants to be able to envision themselves in the home.

4. Is the home secure

We live in South Africa and one of a home owners top priorities is home security. Ensure that your security from burglar bars, electric fencing and alarm systems are up to date and in working order. On this note you should also ensure that all broken light fittings or blown bulbs are replaced and are also in good working order. This will go hand in hand with your Electrical Certificate of Compliance needed in order for the sale to go through. You now know why that lighting fitting didn’t work for the past year.

5. Tame it!

If you have a garden, no matter the size, tame it! No one likes an out of control hedge. Mow the lawn, remove the dead plants and sweep the paths. It may even be beneficial and used as an extra selling point to plant new water friendly plants.

These simple steps will definitely add to the overall perception of you home. They are cost effective solutions so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank but they will have a big effect on your potential home sale.


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