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Feature lighting top choices

Let there be light and not just any light, but a one that accentuates tones, accents and sculptural features. Your lighting should carry through the design language created in a space. It should add to the room's character and quality. There should not only be practical lighting to ensure the room is well lit but also accent lighting that creates focal points of interest, eye catching forms and soft ambiance. This form of lighting truly marries a design in its entirety.

We found some incredible local lighting which we fell in love with every time. And because we are entering the season of giving we thought we would share these gems with you. A sexy feature pendant in shades of black, grey and carbon blue.

1. Weylandts - Organic Wire Pendant Cluster, Black, L 280 x W 280 x H 1500 . L 450 x W 450 x H 1500, R2995 - R3595,

2. Illumina - Contour Glass Pendant, Clear Glass, L 300 x W 300 x H 450, R3499, 3. Hoi Ploy - Exposed Shade Black and Gold Empire Pendant, L 330 x W 330 x H 1335, R1990, 4. Weylandts - Bowl Metal Pendant, Carbon Blue, L 250 x W 300 x H280, R1295, 5. Illumina - Casa Glass Pendant, Clear Glass, L 240 x W 240 x H300, R1999, 6. Weylandts - Acrobatic Pendant, Black, L 730 x W 730 x H 470, R3995, 7. Hoi Ploy - Swivel Gunmetal Grey Wall Scones, R2590, 8. Weylandts - Samar Pendant, Black, L 450 x W 450 x H 360, R1795, 9. Illumina - Lighthouse Glass Pendant, Clear Glass, L 300 x W 300 x H 200, R2759


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