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Curtain Styles and Headings

Windows are our connection to the outside world and allow natural light to flood in and brighten our homes. So it is not surprising then that when it comes to interior space the windows form a critical part of the room’s focal point. It is therefore important to dress the windows in accordance to the overall design style. The way in which we dress them has a huge impact on the mood, atmosphere and warmth of a room. A full bodied curtain in a luxurious satin with a subtle sheen will add a sense of royalty and drama to a room whilst a soft, texture viol will allow for a sense of space and openness. I would advise making a list of characteristics you want your room define and this will help guide you in your interior design choices.

Elements that you need to take into consideration when deciding on your window treatments include the interior design style, function of the room, the shape of the window, colour, fabric texture, accessories as well as the hardware. It is the heading of the curtain which will help you achieve the type of style you are looking for. A curtain heading serves two important functions, the first being a secure and reinforced means of attaching the curtain to a rod or rail from which it hangs with either hooks, rings, tabs or loops. The second function is to provide fullness and visual weight to the curtain by either pleating or gathering the fabric.

Window Style by Gina Moore

Curtains can become costly depending on the type and quality of fabric you choose, size of your window and mechanisms required. Therefore in order to be as accurate and cost effective as possible, be sure to measure each length and width of a window individually as they will unlikely be the same size. I would even recommend to take the length measurement a couple of times across the width. Be sure to measure twice and cut once!

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