Cost Effective Ways to Add Value to your Home

Whether you are planning on putting your home on the market or simply wanting to spruce things up, there are some cost-effective ways to achieve this. And by this I do not mean that you don’t spend, but rather spend what your budget allows but make that money work harder for you and go further to create the perfect space you have been dreaming of. It will not only create an aesthetically pleasing home; but in addition will add value to your home, in turn increasing your investment value. We will look at some cost-effective DIY projects that you can tackle in this new year that will not break the bank and make a substantial difference to your home.

One of the most expensive areas of your home is your kitchen which duly forms the heart of your home. Replacing your cabinetry can become very costly, so you could rather give it a much-needed facelift by painting the cupboard doors a neutral colour whilst repairing any nicks and dings in the process. Secondly you could upgrade your hardware to more modern draw runners and hinges. This new functionality will change the overall usability of the kitchen and make it a far more stress-free environment. If built-in appliances are not in good working order, look at investing in upgrades to the appliances you use most and don’t be afraid to spend a bit of money here, as the better the appliance, the better the experience.

The second room to consider when planning your updates and value-adds is your bathroom. If you cannot afford a full overhaul of your bathroom, look at replacing faulty or dated fixtures. This will again improve the overall look and function. Something small that could potentially have a large impact would be to paint all the exposed walls and the ceiling. Look for paint that has been developed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens as it is hardier for areas that experience excess moisture and is therefore more susceptible to mould. No one is fond of mould! If your grout between the tiles has blackened you can buy grout paint with a specific nozzle for easy application, this will give these fine lines a new lease on life.

In general, there is nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint and if you want to appeal to a broader market the key is to keep it neutral. We need to accept that we do not all have the same taste, so that lime green wall you were so fond of in your bedroom may unfortunately add to your struggle when trying to sell your home. Outdated lighting fixtures can also impact the overall space, and this includes fixtures and bulbs that no longer work. Invest some money here to ensure there will be crisp clear light, and this is especially valid if the room itself is not bathed in natural light. On that note a good deep clean will unleash new life on your home with sparkling windows and shining floors. All this requires is a little sweat and elbow grease and hardly any extra cash.

We all have an ideal image of what our home should look like and not all our pockets accommodate for such wondrous change; however, luckily for us there are simple and effective DIY solutions that can dramatically improve your home. So, identify your home’s problem areas, itemise them and set about fixing them. Happy home improvements!

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