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2017 Introduction

As with the start of all things new, we enter 2017 with new hopes, aspirations, goals, a revived determination and lust for life. An ever-present need to improve and grow in both personal and career orientated ventures. 2016 for Trait was one of many new adventures – I started a new Interior Design company, became a columnist for a new magazine, got married and to top it off we bought a new car! It was an incredible year, so 2017 you have big shoes to full.

My top five lessons learnt during 2016:

  1. Always have a great support system to rejoice in your accomplishments and guide you through your challenges.

  2. Every mistake is a lesson well learnt. I was told recently that in life your biggest expense is education and this does not end at tertiary level but carries on through your whole life as you learn and gain experience.

  3. Celebrate the small achievements

  4. Respect the people you work with as each job and its success would not have been possible without them.

  5. A great team is your strongest ally and the back bone to any business.

This year Trait looks at establishing a defining signature style that speaks a unique language. We hope to broaden our horizons and penetrate the hotel market to provide beautiful bespoke interiors (so if you have any connections please do share). We are also starting a new blog which will provide information on current trends, helpful decorating tips and interesting articles and facts. We hope to inspire you and work with you on your future interior design projects.

Here’s to a year of success and beautiful living. Contact us today for a free Interior Design consultation.


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